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10 Potential Star Wars 7 Spoilers That Got Me Thinking

When we don't have enough Star Wars 7 news to report we resort to writing about Star Wars in general. We've covered a series of interesting topics already - such as Princess Leia cosplay and video games. But today, we will be dedicating our time to writing about an interesting set of rumors that claim to be "mindblowing" spoilers about the upcoming movie. The source goes by the name of Pomojema and is, as it stands, someone who is "close to the movie production" with seldom access to the Pinewood Studio. Let's see what these Star Wars 7 rumors have to say and - who knows - some of them might actually be true!

Star Wars 7 Spoilers and Rumors

Update (September 19th): For a bit of fresh news (that have been verified) check out our new Star Wars 7 news roundup.

Star Wars 7 Spoilers - The Full Collection for September 2014

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 1: The plot of the movie will be set 30 or so years after the events of Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi and the lead character will be the daughter of Leia and Han Solo. This is similar to a rumor that we already covered about the possibility of Daisy Ridely playing the role of Ania Solo. The whole concept means that the story will be based on the Star Wars: Legacy series. So far, Dark Horse Comics was entrusted with this part of the franchise, but from now Marvel will be taking over the lead.

Why this probably isn't true: This is just too easy to actually be believable. Think about it - the potential plot is right under our nose? I don't buy that personally, but some evidence and rumors do support the claims.

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 2: The other lead characters, or rather, the other two members of the "new trio", will be a former Stormtrooper and Lando's onlychild (gender unknown). This "spoiler" comes from a person who supposedly saw the script and based on their comments it seems that these two characters will have trust issues.

Why this is believable: We did hear that Stormtroopers will be making a come-back and they also told us that it won't be "as we might think". This would certainly fit the profile - bad guys turn good!

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number  3: At the start of the plot, the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has already been missing for a while and he has no known children (against canon). In this version of events the Jedi Order hasn't been rebuilt.

Why we don't want this to be true: While Disney won't follow canon, this would just be a slap in the face. I demand that we see the Jedi Order right from the start of the movie!

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 4: Continuing from the previous section, Luke is also the only Jedi left in the Universe. However, the same cannot be said for the Sith. The supposed leak suggests that the Emperor had a student, who took on a student of his own in the meantime. The pair will be the movie's main villains and it is possible that one of them is somewhat similar to Darth Vader - he is half human and half cyborg.

Star Wars 7 villain spoilers
But when are we going to see a poweful, female Sith villian?
Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 5: The title may indeed be "The Ancient Fear" and this has everything to do with the potential plot. You may remember that we already mentioned this title (see the link), but since we haven't heard so much about it I really forgot. The person who posted the spoiler claims that it is very likely that the (New) Republic forces are searching for an ancient weapon in order to use it against their enemies (or the other way around). As you might guess this weapon is obviously more than just a tool, but something mystical in nature.

Why this probably isn't true: When have you heard of a major, big-budget movie leaking its name a year before the launch? However, the story seems compelling and the Expanded Universe is full of interesting stories about abandoned temples and powerful artifacts of previous generations. Too bad somebody decided to ditch the EU, right?!

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 6: A person close the production team claims that Abrams (as a long time fan) wants to include some funny references about the previous movies and Lucasfilm in general. Based on this it seems like he plans on including an incident where "Han shot first".

Why I'd like to see this: The whole argument exploded into something much bigger than anyone really expected. Seeing a good joke (nut clever and subtle) on the issue would be quite refreshing.

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 7: It is likely that the Empire (Loyalist Galaxies) still exist and are at war with the Republic. Based on this rumor is seems that there will be a ceasefire in effect at the start of Episode VII which will be something of a "Cold War" between the two factions.

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 8: The Emperor and Darth Vader are dead and won't be coming back (and hopefully this is true and we can put the issue to rest)

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 9: According to some of the technical crew it seems that the movie is not being natively shot in IMAX format. Personally I find this very difficult to believe.

Star Wars 7 Spoiler Number 10: The set in Abu Dhabi isn't Tatooine - or at least that's what this person is suggesting. Yet again, this is something I have trouble believing.

That's all for today, but don't worry we have a lot of new Star Wars 7 news and reports every day! For now we invite you to read-up some of these previous articles:

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