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 The plot of the new Star Wars movie, currently known as Star Wars Episode VII is still unknown to the general public. It is very likely that the writing staff has already made a general draft of things, but the storyline itself is, without a doubt, still far from its final stage. With the Star Wars Episode 7 release date set for 2015 there is a long time to wait before we actually see what things will end up like. However, true fans such as us are always over-thinking and this page is meant to give our hints, predictions and general facts concerning the new Star Wars 7 plot. So, let us get started!

Important note: While the info on this page is very interesting, JJ Abrams and Disney will probably not take the expanded universe into account which makes this while section very irrelevant :(

The Story Continues

Star Wars VII Plot
 The good (former) director George Lucas has often mentioned that episodes VII through IX will feature a new story in the chronology. Based on several interview from the eighties it can be assumed that episode VII will take place between 20 to 40 years from where the Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) left off. 

 Based on this, fans are expecting to see Luke, Leia and Han Solo back in action and played by the original actors. This is of course not confirmed yet, but recent news and rumors are suggesting that it is highly possible.

 But what exactly will be the actual plot of the new movie? Well, there isn't a definite answer, but we can assume that the main motives are quite clear. Surely, Star Wars Episode VII will deal with the following:
  • The rebuilding of the Republic
  • Finding and training new Jedi
  • Reestablishment of the new Jedi order
  • Dealing with the remains of the Empire
 Many of these things have already been the main topic of some of the books in the expanded universe. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is essentially a union of all stories outside the main movies that have officially been published and approved by George Lucas. In this sense, the Thrawn trilogy also known as The Hair to the Empire is a great source of information as it takes place 5 years after the Return of the Jedi.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

 One of the most notable villains in the expanded universe as well as a very important figure in the expanded trilogy mentioned above. He is a very powerful and capable figure that will unite the remains of the Empire and challenge the new Republic. Gamers may have come into contact with this character during the Empire at War game where he was a featured character.

 In the books, the Admiral will meet a very unkind faith as he was betrayed and killed, however, he created at least one clone of himself. While this one known clone was later killed, it was speculated that there may be another one out there in one of the galaxies.

 The story also features several dark, evil Jedi who have turned over to the Dark Side and pose a threat to the new Republic that Luke Skywalker and the rebellion are trying to reestablish. Will this be the plot for Star Wars Episode VII or is there another story we do not expect?

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