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Hey folks, welcome to our compilation page of all the Episode 7 Star Wars rumors and leaks that have been confirmed to be real. We do have a special section just for leaked photos (check the menu above), but that page contains information that may not really be authentic. However, this is where collect and present only those Episode 7 Star Wars news that have been legitimately confirmed and verified. We’ll update this list just about every week so be sure to check back often or follow us on Twitter!

Star Wars Episode 7 Official Title: The Force Awakens 

November 5th 2014 was a monumental day in the history of the franchise. Namely, Disney and Lucasfilm officially released the name of the new movie's title. As you probably know by now (especially if you are reading this in the future!) the title of the new movie is The Force Awakens. Below you can see a screenshot of the official announcement and you can read the full report directly here. As you can see the news was announced without much fuss or media hype. It was just a simple tweet with a nice background. Bob Iger said that he approved of this tactic as it can make big waves just as a full blown announcement over TV. After all, new media (the Internet) is where people are right now!

Star Wars 7 News Roundup for October 2014

October was, unfortunately, a very uneventful month in terms of Star Wars 7 news, leaks and stories. After the Greenham Common leaks in September (see below), security has been tightened quite a bit. In our October roundup we singled out three interesting stories for the entire month. They focus on the rumors regarding the actors who will appear as cameos as well as an interesting story about how Abrams will use IMAX cameras to shoot one of the scenes in Episode VII.

Oscar Isaac Talks About Episode 7

September, 23rd 2014: Oscar Isaac did an interview with Entertainment Weekly who have been very eager to ask him about his involvement in Episode 7. Obviously there is only so much that that Oscar could share considering that he signed the non-disclosure agreement the moment he agreed to take part in the films production.

Oscar Isaac Episode 7

However, certain answers did give the fans subtle hints about the upcoming Episode 7 Star Wars movie. For example, when he was asked if he had a chance to get close with the original trio (Hamill, Ford and Fisher) he responded affirmatively and confirmed they’ve had a lot of interaction with each other. Many fans have taken this to mean that Oscar’s character will be in a lot scenes with the original trio, but that obviously needn’t be the case.

Oscar also confirmed the Greenham Common leaks (see below) and said that he didn’t like the “leaked news” pop culture as it robs people of the ability to just enjoy the moment once the movie finally comes out. To this we can agree, but since there are many fans out there who have invested over 20 years of their life into enjoying this franchise it is hard to judge them – if anything they deserve to be in on it.

Episode 7 Star Wars set in Greenham Common Busted!

September, 22nd 2014: We’ve written numerous stories about the Greenham “incident” on this blog already as this is probably the biggest Episode 7 Star Wars leak so far. However, we don’t mind repeating the story a few more times in case you’ve missed it somehow. Long story short: a group of hobby air drone pilots stumbled on the Star Wars: Episode 7 in Greenhma Common and took a few interesting air shots of the filming. Let’s look at the three leaked photos that really sparked the public’s interest:

The New Millennium Falcon

Episode 7 Star Wars Millennium Falcon leak

On the photo below you can see what appears to be the new Millennium Falcon. It is kind of small, but this is just due to the perspective that the shot was taken. The new replica looks pretty much like the original so far, except for one detail – the antenna which is much more squared in this photo.

The New X-Wing

New XWing in Episode 7

The most high-quality photo in the set was an image of the new X-Wing star fighter jet that looks awesome and pretty sharp. It looks like JJ Abrams is all set to make history with Episode 7. Star Wars, as a franchise is also on its way to break many records it seems.

Adam Driver in a Rebel Suit

Adam Driver Rebel Pilot
The actor Adam Driver who starred in the TV series Gossip was spotted on the set by a separate source that was able to take a smartphone picture that clearly shows the actor wearing a Rebellion pilot suit. There are many speculations regarding this, but since nothing is official we won’t bother with it too much, but you can read about the whole theory as well as the “Chrome Trooper” leak in this article.

Rian Johnson Will Direct and Write Episodes 8 and 9

September 19th, 2014: While we all know that J.J. Abrams is the lead director behind Episode 7 Star Wars we’ve also learned that he won’t be able to direct the entire trilogy, but rather just the first movie. The rest of the work will be left to Rian Johnson who is already working as a collaborator on the new film.

In a podcast interview on The Talk House, Rian spoke about his new upcoming movie “The Zero Theorem”, but also answered a few of the questions that regarded the Episode 7 Star Wars movie and his future role in the other two movies.

He showed a lot of respect and admiration for J.J. Abrams and said that the two have worked closely on the project. However, he did not confirm that he will be directing Episode 9, but he has signed all the papers to direct and write Episode 8.

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