Saturday, November 1, 2014

Star Wars 7 News Roundup for October 2014

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and that you're ready for a new, fresh roundup of Star Wars 7 news and leaks! A lot of stuff has happened over the past month, but most media outlets have just focused on "Rebels" (which is now up to episode 4). So, what will we discus in today's post? Well, let's focus on the rumored character descriptions, leaked villain photos, and the news relating to IMAX formats.


Rumored Star Wars 7 Character and Cameos

 So, here's something that female fans are going to be thrilled about - it seems that Benedict Cumberbacth shot a cameo appearance last week and you'll have a chance to get short glimpse of him in the upcoming movie. Along with this it was leaked that Warwick Davis will be playing the role of a cantina musician who'll get into some pretty nasty fight. Apparently, we'll see a bit of violence and gore in this scene where, most notably, an alien played by Simon Pegg will lose an arm. Ouch, pretty nasty - I though Disney was planning a family-friendly movie? Then again, his arm will probably just grow back and everyone will pitch in some funny lines.

On another note, we've also received info that Boyega is playing an ex-Stormtrooper, but he is in no way affiliated with the Chrome Troopers who we've learned about back in September via an interesting set of leaked images. Now, the fact that he was a Stormtrooper doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad guy, after all, not everyone affiliated with the Empire was evil - many were just doing their job.

The Mysterious, Hooded Villain

Star Wars 7 Villain

Yesterday, the Mirror released an interesting photo (seen above) for which they claim to be an early show of the main villain's costume. Apparently it is still in-development which is why the lightsaber is just a prop that's being used for demonstration purposes (it will be digitally added to the movie obviously). However, it looks extremely fake and I think it's really just some random cosplay that's inspired by Knights of the Old Republic games.

Star Wars VII to Feature a Single Scene Shot with IMAX Cameras?

From Variety:

Nolan has helped convince other top directors, such as J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay, to embrace the company, giving the megascreen format an injection of cool. Shooting in Imax gives their films a stamp of quality with the fanboys who can make or break a comicbook epic or space opera.

But there are drawbacks. The cameras, particularly those for film, are large and loud. They’re great for action sequences and epic battles, but problematic for intimate scenes.

“The benefits outweigh the headache of shooting on Imax cameras,” says Abrams, who used them for a single sequence in “Star Wars.” “The opportunity to have an action sequence for this movie done in Imax’s natural format was too delicious an idea to pass up. As a filmgoer, it’s something I want to see.”

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