Saturday, January 4, 2014

Should future Star Wars movies extend towards the Expanded Universe?

The year 2013 has passed us by and as such we are even closer the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode 7. So far, we know quite a bit about the staff behind the scenes as well as some general things about the people who we may be seeing on the big screen next year. However, this is not an article about them, this is not an article about Episode 7... this is a rant, a fine rant from a long-time Star Wars fan. However, I will keep it fairly short and simple and I wont bother explaining most things as you probably already heard them a million times.

Update 6th of November 2014: we now know the official title of the new movie - read the full report!

The Core Story of the Movies

The movies are what got me into the world of Star Wars, yet they are currently one of the worst things associated with the trademark. The "expanded universe" is really where I think it is at. The things is that some of the novels and the games just outclass the experience which the movies so far have provided. Maybe I am just a video game nerd, but the experience that the old Bioware RPG called Knights of the Old Republic was able to provide me with was worth more of my money than all the three prequels.

Sure, let's talk about context, episodes IV to VI were made a long time ago, but honestly, do you expect episode VII to be all that great? I am not even expecting it to be "good" as I believe the core of the story as well as its settings have been stripped dry of anything that was awesome.

Maybe it would be interesting if they decided to include Grand Admiral Thrawn as the main villain or the story of Han Solo's children, but this will hardly be the case. This is because these characters belong in the "expanded universe" and J.J Abrams has decided not to mess with them. On one hand it is a good idea not to ruin them with a horrible movie, but on the other... he is basically throwing out the possibility of using amazing stories and worlds that many fans would love to see realized in the form of a movie. Also, his story may (and probably will) stomp on the expanded universe and make it irrelevant.

Maybe after episodes 7, 8 and 9 are done, someone will actually do something about the EU? Who knows...

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