Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jaina and Jacen Solo: The Story of Star Wars 7?

 I have a feeling that the Star Wars 7 news are going to get less frequent until October this year. This is because there is really nothing new to report and J.J Abrams has announced that the production of the movie will start in January 2014. So, why did I say October? Well, I am just assuming that the rumor mill and the interviews will continue eventually, and October is my month of choice. Things are going rather slow at the moment so let us indulge a rumor that was posted on the popular gaming magazine IGN which features the story of Jaina and Jacen Solo.

Jacen Solo Star Wars 7

 I do a lot of reading when it comes to the expanded universe of Star Wars, but I mostly focused my time on the books and series that focus on the period of the Old Republic. Thus, you should pardon my ignorance as I know very little about Jaine and Jacen Solo. However, from what I understand these are obviously the children of Han Solo and Leia and in the story they are 17 years old when uncle Luke starts their Jedi training. The two are twins and share a common desire to learn more about the Force and the teaching of the old Jedi order.

 This makes for a rather good exposition setting for the new movie. I can actually imagine Star Wars 7 opening up with this peaceful theme which will set down the foundation for the rest of the movie. So, what's the plot twist? Well, it seems that the boy will, unlike his sister, get tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. Jacen won't be full-out evil, but his fall will be a result of many moral and philosophical dilemmas. This is much like with their grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, and it seems that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

 As the story goes, Jacen Solo will keep making difficult decisions that will go against the Jedi teachings even though he will firmly keep believing that he is making "the right choice". Eventually, in this struggle he will become Darth Caedus. I don't know about you but this sounds like a great idea for the new movie. It is still unknown whether or not Star Wars 7 will even stay true to the expanded universe as it is very likely that JJ Abrams and his team will just ignore the EU completely.

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