Friday, June 7, 2013

Florence Welch Will be Staring in the New Star Wars Movie?

 Lately there haven't been many things to report here on the blog as Star Wars 7 news haven't really been appearing much on the Net. However, a recent rumor mill suggests that Florence Welch, the lead singer and star of the band Florence + the Machine, might be landing a role in the upcoming Star Wars 7 movie. This was originally reported by the Sun, a tabloid magazine which made quite a few funny remarks about this story. However, I wouldn't exactly call them a trustworthy source and I find the news rather sketchy.

Florence Welch Star Wars 7
 Why? Well, one should read this article of theirs which quotes an anonymous insider close to the production staff of the Star Wars 7 movie. The insider says, that their goal is to cast unexpected people who show great potential in order to add something surprising to the movie. In his (or her) explanation of the whole story, the insider says that Florence Welch caught their eyes due to her singing on stage and that she has done some acting in the past. 

 I personally don't know if Florence has ever wanted to be an actress, but I really can't see her as one. I am, however, a big fan of Florence + the Machine and I wouldn't mind seeing her take a role in the new movie. However, I doubt this is something that she actually wants to do. And, on the other hand, it would be a major risk for JJ Abrams to give a leading role to someone who isn't even an actor.

 One thing is for certain though: previous Star Wars 7 news confirmed that the new movie will be shot in the UK which means that it is fair to expect a lot of European (mainly British) actors. We will keep track of how things develop, in the meantime make sure you follow our blog for daily updates!

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