Saturday, June 15, 2013

George Lucas has confidence in J.J. Abrams and Star Wars 7

 Ever since he made the deal with Disney to sell Lucasfilm and the whole Star Wars license, George Lucas hasn't been very popular among fans. The fact that he has recently provided good feedback to JJ Abrams and Star Wars 7 didn't save him from the public eye and in fact did just the opposite. In an interview that Lucas did for the Access Hollywood at the 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards, Lucas spoke of how Abrams is a great choice for Star Wars 7. According to his words, Abrams understands the true nature behind the series. When George Lucas was asked if he was excited he took the chance to replay: "Yeah. J.J.'s a great director and we're friends. I think he understands the whole thing and how it works."
George Lucas Star Wars 7

 So, George was sweet towards the new director and it seems he has a lot of respect for him. However, does he really think this way himself or was the interview a part of his contract with Disney remains unknown. Either way, Lucas made it obviously clear that he will indeed not have much impact on the creation of Star Wars 7 or any of the other movies in the new trilogy. Officially, George Lucas will carry the title of creative consultant which should give him access to the entire set. However, it seems that he himself doesn't wish to participate in future Star Wars movies and perhaps mister Lucas has just had enough of it all. 

"If they need help or anything, they'll give me a call," said Lucas. "Otherwise, I'm off on my own."

 This successfully confirms older Star Wars 7 news, but doesn't give us much insight into the new Star Wars team. We often did reports on several possible staff members, but only a handful of them have actually been officially selected to take part in the production of Star Wars 7.

screen writer Michael Ardnt Star Wars 7
 One such person is for example screen writer Michael Ardnt who will be one of those responsible for the story itself. However, as a screen writer his role in the creation of the story itself is quite limited, especially in a movie such as Star Wars Episode 7. I personally didn't like the choice Abram's made when he hired writer Michael Arndt, but we shall yet see.

 The reporter also asked mister Lucas about his bad experience with the fans ever since the prequel trilogy has been released. To this George Lucas responded by giving some advice for director JJ Abrams:  "No matter how you do it, it's a complicated cultural icon. Therefore you're always going to be in trouble no matter what you do. So, the best thing you can do is just plow forward and try to do the best story you can."

So, the question of the day is: will the Star Wars series be better now that Lucas is no longer part of it?  Stay tuned with our blog for more Star Wars 7 news and leave us your comment jest bellow!

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