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Episode 7 News Update: Chrome Troopers - a New Military Unit in the Galaxy

We've already had several sources claim that Stormtroopers will probably be present in Star Wars: Episode 7, but this is the first report showing a new military unit - the "Chrome Trooper". The latest leaks from Indie Revolver suggest that this leaked photo (seen below) is authentic concept art and not necessarily representative of the final version. However, according the leaked report this military unit is actually a group of highly skilled mercenaries who have little to do with the former Empire or its Imperial Army. Let's dissect the information and talk more about these leaked Chrome Trooper photos, shall we?

Star Wars Chrome Trooper Leaked Photos
The leaked image from Indie Revolver

Leaked Star Wars 7 Chrome Trooper Image - Real or Fake?

Well, let's put it like this - the photo is certainly well done. A reverse image search reveals nothing special and the meta-date of the original photo from Indie Revolvers website is clean and there is nothing unusual about it. The image is full of watermarks which is to be expected and the blurry/low quality appearance can easily be explained.

The back-story that comes with the leaked image is pretty interesting as well. Apparently these "Chrome Troopers" are part of a private security force that will be protecting Adam Driver's character. Recent leaks have shown Adam Driver wearing a Rebel pilot suit so it seems a bit strange that he'd have a personal pack of buddy guards following him. On the other hand, the source also explains this by chipping in that Adam Driver's character is actually not a real military pilot, but rather a military-oriented and wealthy enthusiast who is seeking some Sith artifacts. This ties in well with the initial leak about the title being "The Ancient Fear".

Star Wars 7 Adam Driver
Adam Driver spotted on set
If you're not in the loop, here's quick reminder about the idea:
  • Rumors claim that Star Wars 7 will be based around the idea of a "Jedi vs Sith" battle royal over an ancient Sith artifact that will be discovered by Luke Skywalker in the ruins of an ancient temple.
  • The idea is that shit ancient artifact holds certain power or, perhaps, even a Force Ghost of an ancient Sith warlord who has become immortal in the Force and who can now reenter the world of the living by possessing someone.
  • This is indeed a very long stretch, but it is what it is, I suppose. Anyway, if Adam Driver's character is really some sort of Lara Croft then that ties into the this rumors plot very well.
With all of this said and done, my final verdict is that this photo is fake, but...

A Leak of a Different Kind

While the image certainly looks fake, can we really say that the concept and the story behind it is fake? Perhaps someone was able to see the concept art and get a freelance artist to try and recreate it? Perhaps someone was able to get a look at the script or the plot synopsis and decided to create their artistic impression of these "Chrome Troopers"? I have to say that it sounds like an interesting idea for are a story and that this design would be a nice homage towards the original trilogy's Stormtroopers whose design has become an integral part of pop culture and history.

What do you think? Do you agree with us that the photo is most likely fake? What about the general plot of the "Ancient Fear"? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or even on the Twitter via the handle @StarWars7Info (or just like the button bellow)! More Star Wars 7 news are coming your  way this weekend so stay tuned because we have some good leaks from the set! :)

Update: We've been able to get a hold of a different concept art image for the new Chrome Troopers, here it is:

Star Wars 7 Chrome Trooper

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