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Star Wars 7 News Update: Filming Resumes; Hopefully There Will be no Setback

The two week summer break that the Star Wars 7 crew had is almost over and it will soon be time to resume filming on the new movie. As far as we know, Harrison Ford made a healthy recovery following his surgery and he's ready to start shooting the movie as soon as possible. As the dust covers come off from the set, one must wonder what the next scene will be and whether or not it will actually involve the Millennium Falcon as rumors suggested. At any rate, this news report has quite a few interesting things to say about the latest Star Wars 7 news so if you're a fan of the movies read the full article and leave us a comment!

Update: for some fresh news about Star Wars 7, have a look at our news roundup (19th of September).

The British magazine Metro was very interested in what J.J. Abrams will have to say to Harrison Ford regarding his leg injury. While the injury happened on the set, it was later revealed was hurtling at 30 miles per hour down a 2500 foot long Alpine Slide dry slope on a toboggan near his home in Wyoming just days before the scene where he had hurt his ankle. It was his injury that causes the delay in the movie's production and because of it J.J. Abrams decided to give the whole crew two weeks off once Ford's surgery is finished.

 The Metro also said:
Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to have to tell Ford that he’s banned from such pursuits, especially after he has made such a quick and apparently healthy recovery from what was initially thought to be an injury that could put the production in jeopardy, but nevertheless it must have given Abrams pause for thought as filming approaches its resumption.
However, I cannot say for sure if they know what they are talking about. Abrams has already probably talked to Ford quite a few times already and the issue of his careless behavior has probably been brought up already. Considering that they all did the Star Wars Ice Bucket Challenge, I'm sure that everyone is in good relations and that the filming will resume right where it left off.

Either way, it was stated that this injury, although a setback, will not put Star Wars 7 in any form of jeopardy. Abrams is confident that the filming started on time and there will be room to spare even with this minor setback.

I respect this, after all this is all a part of the director's job - they have to be the one to think about the bus factor. This is a term that is used in software development and it basically means: how many people need to get hit by a bus in order for the project to fall apart. And as such I'm sure that Abrams already has a plan B for various scenarios that could potentially be harmful for the filming of Star Wars Episode VII.

Going Back to Tatooine

We know that there will be a lot of live action filming done for the new movie, after all this is one of the major reasons why Andy Serkis is part of crew. However, we aren't sure when they will start working on these scenes. According to sources close to Lucasfilm the production team hasn't started filming these scenes yet and they will do so in a couple of months.

A potential problem in the films production will be reconstructing the original sets. We know that a storm in 1977 suffered destroyed most of the Tatooine set. The Star Wars movies are historically unlucky like that you know. For example, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back fell victim to a fire on the sound stages of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which was filming on adjacent stages. This damaged the set and delayed the shooting of Episode VI.

Star Wars and the Shining
A Star Wars T-Shirt inspired by the famous line in "The Shinning"
Any scary stories about Episode VI: Return of the Jedi? Why yes there are! The film was plagued by dune buggy enthusiasts who had spotted the Yuma, Arizona sail barge set – at the time the largest set ever built. They kept taking numerous photos, but since this was a time before the major popularity of the Internet, not everyone could see their photos.

The prequels also suffered a lot of technical and unforeseen problems. The much hated The Phantom Menace fell victim to a storm which wrecked the set! During the history of the franchise the Tatooine set has usually proven itself to be jinxed and a lot of work has been put to bring it back to fully glory for Star Wars Episode 7.

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