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10 Awesome Star Wars Facts You Didn't Know! Number 9 Is Extremely Ironical!

It time to take a little break from our endless endeavors to report on Star Wars 7 news and instead focus on previous six movies. Today we thought of a cool idea - we'll present you 10 awesome Star Wars facts that you most likely didn't know. The idea is to get you to rewatch the previous movies (or at least the original trilogy) so that you can brush-up before Star Wars 7 hits theaters in December next year. So, are you ready to get started with these top 10 awesome facts?! Update: Thanks to everyone for the awesome support. We'll make a follow-up, don't worry!

10 Awesome Star Wars Facts

Top 10 Awesome Star Wars Facts

Number 1: Carrie Fisher practically became a sex symbol when she wore the famous gold bikini (also known as the slave outfit or metal bikini). This you already know, but did you know that the costume often wouldn’t behave itself? In fact the scene had to be reshot a lot of times because Carrie Fisher refused to use ‘tit tape’.

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Number 2: The Death Star II as seen in The Return of the Jedi was much bigger than the first world destroy. In fact it was so much bigger that it was 460% larger than the first (destroyed) one from A New Hope. Have a look at this image to get a sense of scale:

Death Star II Scale Size

Number 3: During the production of the “Revenge of the Sith” director George Lucas had developed a very nasty cough, which he recorded and used as General Grievous’ hacking bark.

Number 4: Did you ever wonder where the idea for those furry little Ewoks came from? In video games you usually see Wookies during the battle of Endor, but the movie had these little Ewoks instead. Well, you might have guessed - originally an army of Wookiees was intended to help the Rebellion forces on Endor. However, director Lucas opted to use a smaller furry animal instead – and the Ewok was born.

Bonus fact: the word ‘Ewok’ isn’t actually mentioned at all in the film!

Number 5: Composer Sir John Williams turned to a 13th Century Welsh manuscript for the chanting in his composition ‘Duel Of The Fates’. He translated the lines ‘Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind in the head’ into Sanskrit.

Number 6: By the time the Star Wars movies reached Episode VI this was an extremely popular franchise and everyone wanted to find out the latest leaks about the new movie (just like we want all the latest Star Wars 7 news we can get our hands on)! As such it was during filming of Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi, that the production team decided to film under the working title of Blue Harvest in order to keep curious fans from attempting to get on-set.

Bonus fact: This why the Family Guy's parody of Star Wars is called Blue Harvest.

Number 7: By contrast, do you know what the working title for Episode II was? Well, believe it or not, it was "Jar Jar’s Big Adventure"– which would certainly have put many fans off from attempting to infiltrate the studio where the movie was being filmed.

Number 8: When Lucas realized how massive Episode III was going to be he called in Spielberg to help him with certain sequences – including the epic lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Number 9: The prequels were very notorious for their over-use of special effects. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was especially notorious in this regard as the film contains over 2,200 digital effects shots. In contrast, this is more than the total sum contained in Episodes I and II.

The irony of it all: Despite all the effects that Lucas worked so hard on to make Episode III epic, this remains the only Star Wars film not to receive an Oscar nomination in the "Best Visual Effects" category.

Number 10: When you were watching the asteroid sequence in The Empire Strikes Back did you notice a shoe and potato floating in outer space for no reason? Take a look at the image bellow:

potato and shoe Star Wars Asteroid

According to numerous SFX crew members, one of the asteroids in the sequence is actually a shoe, while another is a potato.The shoe was reportedly put in the scene because one of the special effects animators became so annoyed by Lucas who constantly requested changed to the scene.

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