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7 Facts About Star Wars 7

Facts About Star Wars 7
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 Welcome to another post on the blog! Today we will be looking at 7 very important facts regarding the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie. A lot of new information has been given to us over the past few days and I feel that it is time to make a proper summery of all of this. I hope you are ready for I sure am eager to get started!

Fact 1: The Star Wars 7 Production Team

 Lucasfilm (Disney) has confirmed that  Kathleen Kennedy will be the producer, that Michael Arndt will be the screenwriter and that J.J. Abrams will be the director of the new movie. The three have confirmed this themselves and they seem eager to get started. I have already written an article on why Arndt is probably a bad choice, but I do hope that my fears and concerns will be proven wrong when StarWars 7 finally hits the theaters in 2015.

Fact 2: George Lucas Will Be The Creative Consultant

 George Lucas hasn't been the favorite of the Star Wars fanbase ever since the prequels came out. Nonetheless we were all happy to hear that George Lucas will be the creative consultant which means that he will have at least some control and influence over the new movies. Unfortunately, even he admits that his role will be minimal, but let us hope that even the minor things he is able to bring into the movie will make the difference. After all, a single amazing scene can often make the whole movie worth while!

Fact 3: Carrie Fisher Will Play Princes Leia Again

 Last week Carrie Fisher attended Calgary Comic Expo and used the chance to talk with fans and reporters. She confirmed that she will once again play Leia in the new movie. She also said that JJ Abrams will soon be sending her a personal trainer to help her back into shape for the new movie. She couldn't tell us much about anything else and she didn't really have any spoilers to share. However, it is good to see her back in the Star Wars universe and we hope that a good actress like herself will really make the difference.

Fact 4: Screw the Expanded Universe

 Something tells us that somebody hates reading the books and this is exactly why the production team has said that the story will be completely original and independent from the expanded universe. This essentially means that a lot of quality work will be ignored even though there is enough content already to make at least 5 new movies about the event that happened following the battle of Endor.

7 Facts About Star Wars 7

Fact 5: John Williams Will Be Writing the Score

 This is probably the single best Star Wars 7 news we heard so far! John Williams is a brilliant composer who has made a huge contribution to the series. Has has written the epic music for all six movies and it is hard to imagine Star Wars without his brilliant touch. He has confirmed that he wishes to work on Star Wars Episode 7 and that he will commit himself to the project to the fullest.

Fact 6: The Droids Will be There

 Anthony Daniels has assured us that he will be back in Star Wars Episode VII and that he is very eager for the films to begin. He is man who played the role of C-3PO and you can be sure that his return means that R2-D2 will be back as well! It is hard to image the movies without cleaver little droids, and nobody does it better than the R2-D2 & C-3PO duo.

Fact 7: Star Wars Episode VII is Just the Start

 Disney has confirmed that they plan to finish another trilogy which means that they plan on filming Star Wars 7, 8 and 9. Along with this Disney is interested in creating several other standalone films regardless of the other trilogy that may even be placed in many different time periods.

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