Thursday, May 2, 2013

Star Wars 7 Is a Once In a Lifetime Opportunity Says JJ Abrams

 Producer JJ Abrams was quite busy these days as his latest movie Star Trek: Into the Darkness is launching soon in the UK. Although Star Trek is entirely different series reporters spent a lot of time asking about Star Wars Episode 7 hoping to get some latest news from the producer himself. They really didn't get much out of him, but this is mostly because he didn't have much to share.

Star Wars 7 Is a Once In a Lifetime Oppertunity Says JJ Abrams

 JJ Abrams says that he used to have a rule: he would not direct a franchise that has already been started by others a long time ago. However, he broke the rule with Mission Impossible as he was the producer of both MI 3 and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. He once again sinned his own ideas when he accepted to make the movie Star Trek in 2009. The Star Trek franchise way slowly fading away and everyone expected the new movie to be the nail in the confine, but Abrams pulled it out just fine!

 Now, in 2013 there is a another Star Trek movie and it seems Abrams has proven himself to the general public. When he finished with this major project Abrams says he hoped to pull back for a while and work on a smaller drama movie or a TV show. Let us not forget that Abrams is the co-creator of Lost and that the TV screen was his primary focus. However, when he got a call to work on the new Star Wars series he says he could not refuse the offer. 

 He said this to a BBC reporter on the subject of his new role in Star Wars: And then Star Wars came along. It was one of those things where Star Wars felt like one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that forced me to stop and reconsider whatever the rule-book was.

  He also admitted that he is a huge Star Wars fan and that this job isn't going to be easy for him. As a fan-boy he always had his own vision of the series, but now he has to think about what others see and dream of. However, he says that his goal is not to simply create what fans would like to see as this would make for a rather dull and bad movie.

 Abrams has not given any details concerning the actual storyline or any of the actors that he will invite to the set, but there is still a lot of time before the actual release of the movie. Let us give JJ Abrams time to enjoy his current success and to rest before he tackles this brand new project. So far I must admit that I am rather pleased with who Disney has chosen to produce the new Star Wars movie, but I would rather not say anything until I see the final result.

 What about you guys and girls? Do you think that JJ Abrams was a good choice for Star Ware Episode 7? Post me a comment down bellow! Cheers!

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