Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These ARE the Droids We are Looking For!

 The Internet is flooded with news that Anthony Daniels will be once again a part of the series and that the good ol' droids that we all know and love will remain a part of the series. For those of you who forgot, Anthony played his role in Star Wars as C-3PO who along with R2-D2 has produced a lot of good humor through the original  trilogy. Unlike Harrison Ford who has been keeping things to himself for quite a while, Anthony was eager to comment, although reporters do suggest he was clearly holding something back. But what? 

Star Wars 7 Droids

 However, while Anthony is eagerly awaiting for the official call from JJ Abrams to rejoin the cast, he will be spending some time in Germany soon. Why? Well, there is an annual convention, a Star Wars Celebration, in July. He promises that he will have a lot more details to share with fans and reporters there. He also suggested that apart from C-3PO we can hope to expect R2-D2 back in Episode 7 as well. Unlike the actors, droids do not age which makes sense, but we are however expecting to see them have some additional upgrades.

How many Jedi will we get to see in the new movie?
 Daniels also seemed a bit troubled with the entire Disney takeover as well as with the fact that director JJ Abrams was taking the helm now. He expresses that he did not expect the series to continue, but is of course quite satisfied that it will.

 The fans are also putting pressure via the Internet that the two droids must be a part of the new trilogy. I am quite certain that Disney is listening to all of this as they do want their new movie to be a commercial success. Hopefully we will know more soon as we don't want to wait until 2015 to get all of these answer, although spoilers aren't exactly the best thing ever!

 Another person who is also awaiting an official call from the new director is Oscar-winning composer Sir John Williams  who hopes to continue on creating new musical pieces for the movies. He is also one of the names that we MUST see on the ending credits of the movie if you get where I am coming from.

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