Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harrison Ford VS Chewbacca on The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

  Harrison Ford has been getting a lot of attention lately due his refusing to talk about the Star Wars Episode 7 movie. You see, he flat out refuses to talk about his predictions about the new trilogy and he doesn't wish to tell us whether or not he will once again be playing the role of Han Solo. This is, however, his right, but western media isn't exactly well-known for respecting the wishes and privacy of famous actors. However, it appears that Ford has figured things out and instead of being harassed, he is just going with the flow and having some good time! Just have a look at this video:

 Now, I have never been a regular viewer of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, but if all of the jokes are this funny I have to start watching it more often! Of course, someone who is not into the whole Star Wars universe won't really appreciate the humor in this video, but I am guessing we are all fans here!

 Right from the moment that they threw the guy dressed as a Jedi in there I started laughing like crazy. The addition of the guy dressed like princess Leia was icing on the cake! Up to this point I thought that mister Ford didn't really know what the producers of the show had planned for this, but the Chewbacca encounter revealed that it was all 100% scripted. Nonetheless, it was a very funny thing to watch, but it is a shame that we will not be getting any answers anytime soon.

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