Monday, April 22, 2013

John Williams Rejoins the Team?

 The legendary composer John Williams has composed the music of all six Star Wars movies and we are thrilled to hear that he will most likely be continuing his work. While there have been no official statements nor has director J.J. Abrams yet invited sir Williams, we are almost certain that this will be so. There is no other man quite up to the job and fans will certainly request that he does his role once again. The Oscar-winning composer stated that he would love to continue working on the Star Wars saga and that he will clear out his schedule so that he could devote himself to the new movie.

 However, he was not aware that Abrams became the new director which in turn most likely means that he has not yet been called on to join the staff. There is a lot of time for Abrams to get things done since 2015 and we all hope that sir Williams has not been invited yet as it is too early. If Abrams were to choose another composer for the task it would certainly be an outrage and slap in the face to the tradition of Star Wars and all of its fans.

 Groups of fans on several forums have already pointed out that the films that Abrams has done so far are not exactly well-known for having a quality score. Nonetheless we are certain that Abrams is no fool and that he will do the right thing.

 As far as we fans are concerned, there is no better and more iconic figure that sir Williams to take this role. After all, his work so far has truly been amazing!

 Let us use this article as a chance to remind ourselves of some of the more iconic soundtracks that he has created for Star Wars.  First of all, we cannot forget the main theme from Star Wars as well as the famous Imperial March. But other than these two (no doubt most famous) scores I would like to look back on some of his more recent work. For example, don't forget the epic Duel of the Fates from Phantom Menace:

  And one of the more emotional pieces in recent memory has to be Anakin's Betrayal  which plays in the background during the execution of Order 66.

 What about you guys and girls? Which is your favorite score from John Williams?

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