Thursday, April 25, 2013

Robert Pattinson from Twilight to Take Part in Episode 7? How About No?

 This is probably one of the worst ideas I have heard about Star Wars Episode 7 yet! Apparently, the word on the street is that we may be seeing Robert Pattinson (who is best known for his role in the Twilight saga) as a member of the cast in the new Star Wars movie. Apparently Rob is a major Star Wars fan and would love to get a role in the upcoming movie, but fans would not be very thrilled with the idea.
Robert Pattinson Star Wars 7
  However, in all honesty, Robert Pattinson wasn't ever considered a bad actor until his role in Twilight hit the cinemas. His acting wasn't the problem - Twilight was the problem! Not only was it a generally bad movie, but it was a series creating only to exploit on immature teenagers and pumped-up teen girls. Twilight is  the essence of what most movie fans dislike - a stupid series that is extremely popular, profitable and integrates itself into daily life whether we like it or not.

Update on 27th of August: We now know the full Star Wars 7 casts and we know that Pattison is certainly not one of them. For the latest report of the production of the movie, check out our Star Wars 7 News Recap.

 For this reason, Robert Pattinson is not a very welcome addition to the new Star Wars movie as he is a symbol of what many fans detest in the movie industry. Another problem is that this would mean that Disney would be trying to cash-in on his fans who would probably rush in to see their hero even though they have no actual love of the Star Wars series. 

 If this is an isolated event, then it isn't so bad and I guess we could all manage to see him on the big screen in some minor role. However, if the production team chooses actors which will attract younger generations in order to bring a whole new fan-base to the Star Wars series then it is very possible that the new trilogy will be a disaster without any real meaning to it and a stupid plot.

 If this is the case then I invite everyone to just pirate the movie and never give a single dollar to Disney. I repeat - NEVER!

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