Monday, April 29, 2013

Carrie Fisher Preparing for the New Movie With a Personal Trainer

 Carrier Fisher aka Princess Leia has once again confirmed that she plans to take part in the Star Wars Episode 7. She has also said that Disney and director J.J. Abrams have sent her a personal trainer whose goal is to get her into shape for the new movie. She made this statement during her appearance at Calgary Comic Expo when she talked to group of fans regarding the latest installment of the new Star Wars franchise.
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Star Wars 7
Now and then
 Regarding the actual deal with Disney and the personal trainer she is quoted saying:

"I'm glad they are doing a new movie because they are sending a trainer to my house so I can get in really good shape.”

She also joked with fans that she is enjoying her last days of "freedom" by eating a lot of sweets and sugary goods. One has to wonder if she was joking from the start or actually being serious. However, she has in the past confirmed her role along with Mark Hamill. All we are waiting now is an official announcement from Disney, or rather the new director Abrams. 

 Carrie Fisher didn't comment much on what the Star Wars 7 plot would be or what awaits her character princess Leia in the coming movies. The rest of the event she talked about her dearest memories from the filming of the original movies. She especially spoke of the scene where she kills Jabba the Hut, calling it the highlight of her career.

 You can be sure that a lot fans enjoyed this part of the movie as well since Carrie Fisher looked quite well in "that outfit". Oh, you know what I am talking about you little devil!

 Anyway, stay tuned for more Star Wars 7 news and follow our blog!

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