Sunday, November 9, 2014

"The Force Awakens" Title Explained - Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy Came Up with it!

According to what Bob Iger said in an recent interview for Bloomberg TV the title of the new Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) was thought of by JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. Nobody made any comments on the meaning or the significance of the title considering that it would be a major spoiler. However, it's still interesting to have this tidbit of Star Wars 7 news out there. Let's have a look at what Bob Iger (current CEO of Disney) has to say in regards to the new movie's production and the title itself.

"Oh look, we did a funny :)"

Let's quote him directly:
It was a decision that was made by a few people involved in the process, Kathleen Kennedy who runs Lucas film for us, and J.J. Abrams who is directing The force Awakens… I was gonna say Star Wars VII but now there’s a new name.

We are involved in the decision. We feel great about the film. We can’t wait until it comes out. We are only one of many that can’t wait.

I love the franchise. I remember going to the first in 1977. it’s an experience i will never forget. That is exactly what we are hoping to do again what the force awakens in 2015.
Note that this is not  part of the previously published interview with Bob Iger about Disney's Q4 revenue. We remind you that in that interview he showed full support of the JJ Abrams and that he said that the public interest in the new Star Wars trilogy was much higher than anticipated. I'm not sure how one can be surprised that the largest movie franchise in history is "attracting a lot of attention", but I suppose this is just some form of "businessman talk".

The initial graphic that was posted along with the announcement via Twitter

What About the Opening Crawl and the Episode Number?

The graphic that was announced along with Star Wars: Episode 7's name did not contain the actual number seven in it or the word "episode". This has caused many to wonder - is it just "a thing" they decided on when making this particular graphic or does this mean that Disney is changing things drastically and actually removing the number away from the movie's name? I would personally doubt that Disney/new Lucasfim would dare to do this - it brings no benefits and will just piss off the fanbase.

However, rumors started spreading that Disney plans on removing the episode number as well as the iconic opening crawl in order to distance itself from previous movies. I personally find this rumor very hard to believe due to just how stupid of a move that would be. While Disney might have made some controversial decisions in the past, I highly doubt that they are that stupid or arrogant to do something of that magnitude.

What do you guys and girls think? Do you like the jazz that the title has going for it, or do you think it sounds kind of stupid? After all, the Force was never asleep to begin with, right? Share your thoughts with us and expect to see some more Star Wars 7 news this week!

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