Friday, November 7, 2014

Bob Iger Talks About Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens and Disney Quarter Earnings

November sixth has become a monumental day for the history of the "Star Wars" movie saga as we finally got a big piece of Star Wars 7 news and found out that the title for Episode VII. As you already know by now the new movie will be called "The Force Awakens" and the principal photography has officially concluded. And while this is a official news that has been announced and repeated by Disney and Lucasflim, nobody from the staff has commented on the topic yet. While it is just a title (what's in a name anyway?) the fans have gone haywire crazy and we just need to know more. Well, Disney's Bob Iger has some news to share so read-on to see just what we can learn from Iger about the new movie and the future of the saga.

Star Wars 7 Bob Iger Interview

So, let's recap - we know that Star Wars 7 now has an official title and we know that everyone and their grandmother has gone crazy over this. However, our little Star Wars 7 news blog will try to clear some confusion and advance the discussion beyond plain rumors and guesswork. So, now it's time for us to talk about Rober Allen "Bob" Iger - the current chairman and chief executive officer of Walt Disney. While he is a very busy man, he is often is the spotlight and available to answer questions regarding the brand and its franchises. Recently, he did a presentation of Disney's fourth quarter earnings and as you might guess people wanted get some news about Star Wars directly from Iger himself.

Bob Iger Talks Star Wars 7

So, what did he tell us? Well, first off, it seems that the Disney conglomerate has earned a staggering $12.38 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter. That's a lot of money as you might imagine and the recently acquired Star Wars brand fits well in the final equation. As you know Disney is already exploiting the trademark. The most recent examples of that are a new line of toys and new Star Wars themes in Disney world. The animated series Rebels is a story of its own, but not really an "exploitation" since it is more than just some commercial crap - it is a high quality TV show by all accounts.

When asked about Star Wars 7 specifically this is what he said:
Iger also raved about the scenes he has seen from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII –The Force Awakens and he reminisced that there weren’t many lining up to direct the film before the studio chose J.J. Abrams. “That’s a tall order. That’s a lot of pressure,” he said.
Variety's Marc Graser also gave us this little gem:
Iger said the following "everything suggests this will be the movie Star Wars fans have been waiting and hoping for". He also admitted that Star Wars has exceeded the expectations they had when they made the acquisition" of Lucasfilm. Iger and the board are also quite pleased with the popularity of the new animated series Rebels that is currently aired on Disney XD.

And that's all we have for today dear fans, but we have a big piece set for Monday where we will debunk all fake rumors and give you some fresh Star Wars 7 news. In the meantime follow the official news timeline and join us via the links below: 

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