Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Best 9gag Star Wars 7 Memes + Episode 7 Roundup

While we wait for more Star Wars 7 news and rumors, why don't we relax a bit with some awesome 9gag memes related to Star Wars! The Internet is full awesome ideas and these are just some of the best Star Wars images that we found very funny. We'll also end the post with some roundup news - so if you are only interested in serious reporting feel free to scroll past the silly memes!

looking for love in alderaan places
This has to be a classic!

So, this never came to me, but the post is kind of right:

star wars 9gag image
Just movie logic, I suppose?
But wait I though the most powerful weapon in the Galaxy was LOVE? Or was it the DeathStar?

Anyway, ever wondered what Star Wars might have looked like in Medieval Times? Well, here's an interesting idea and I love the "Lucas" part (instead of Luke). And yes, the letter "V" was used for "U" as well in ye ol' times.

medieval star wars image

Ok, back to modern day and age... Ever wondered what Star Wars cereal would look like? I understand a lot of people like "Count Chocula", but what about some "Count Dookula"?

Chocolate flavor with Sith flavor
Now the next meme is something that I can truly relate to. You see, my girlfriend has never seen Star Wars and she thinks it's something that only nerds watch. However, I did persuade her to watch a Star Wars marathon with me so that she could go and see Star Wars 7 in theaters with me next year.

Star Wars girlfriend
Click to zoom :)
Now for a bit of rant that Star Wars have - Stormtroopers couldn't shoot anything to save their life! This is a type of "rant" that is present across various franchises/movies out there. The bad guys always seem to have terrible aim - but Star Wars and the stormtroopers really took it to a whole new level.

Actual quote from Family Guy
Alright, and now for an awesome Star Wars 7 9gag meme straight from SeeMikeDraw:

They aren't that old though!
I feel that this was the concern many of us faced when it was originally announced that the old cast (the original trio as we called them) would be back to rephrase their roles in the new movie. However, as we mentioned in previous posts, their role will simply be to move the plot forward, give us closure and pass the torch to the next generation.

Anyway, let us get back to the memes and lulz, shall we? So, remember how May the 4th is international Star Wars day? Well, have you ever thought about what comes after?

Alright now, time for some Star Wars 7 news roundups:
  • The Star Wars Episode VII IMDB page has been updated with some new info and videos in the past week. Be sure to check it out.
  • We also covered an interview with the production team who say that the new movies will not use too much CGI and that they plan to move towards the use of more practical, old school effects. You can read the full report here.
  • Finally, we also did a story recently explaining that Stormtroopers might be making an appearance in the new movie!

Star Wars 7 News Feed

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