Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stormtroopers Return in Star Wars 7? Kevin Smith Explains What He Saw!

The world loves Stormtroopers and I cannot deny that I miss them as well. However, I never really understood why people love them that much. Their aim is horrible and I never really felt like the main characters are in danger when they fight them. But who am I to rain on your nostalgia? Anyway, Yahoo Movies came out last week with an interesting report that suggests that the Stormtroopers are returning to the big screen in the next Episode VII. Let's dig into these rumors and check the facts.

Stormtroopers in Star Wars 7

You might recall that Kevin Smith was recently invited to the Star Wars 7 set and that he left the set with tears of joy, claiming that "the Force is with this movie!" Quite a story and very heart-warming since Kevin is quite a geek and a Star Wars fan. However, many were quite to call it all fake and just a shameless promotion to build-up hype among the fans. Either way, we can't know why Kevin cried considering that he signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)...or so we thought! It appears he did say a couple of things about the set.

So, here's a few major key-points:
  • When asked did he see any Stormtroopers on the set Kevin nodded his head with a big smile on his face. A lot of reporters speculated that the Stormtroopers may just appear in flashback. If they, however, still exists 30 years after the end of the sixth movie, then that means that the Empire isn't yet defeated.
  • Kevin was also presented during the filming of a very interesting scene. He could tell us what the scene was, but he went on record to say that it was done via green screen and that the crew was able to include a lot of digital characters and special visual effects. He believes that it looked really good and that Abrams nailed it.
  • Smith also said he had a chance to visit the full-scale Millennium Falcon and he had a walk inside it. 
 He is also quoted saying the following:
"I’m really excited," he said. "And you know, people keep saying that I liked the last trilogy and I did. I liked [Episode] 1, 2 and 3. But I liked them as an adult - when I watched them they didn’t give me the same feeling I had when I was seven watching them for the first time and that’s fine. This movie though… Dude, I cried four times… [J.J] has f*cking captured it, man. He has nailed it."
So, did Kevin Smith convince you to be excited for the new movie? As for me, I am looking forward to Star Wars 7 - and if it sucks, I am just going to blame Kevin Smith. Sounds easy enough, right?

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