Sunday, June 29, 2014

Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, joining Star Wars 7? [Latino Review]

It's been a bit of a dry period as far as Star Wars 7 news go, but we are back in full gear and we have a lot of juicy articles planned for the upcoming week. But for now we want to take a step back and visit a rumor that popped up recently.

We mentioned several times that the return of the original Star Wars actors was kind of metaphoric - their role is to pass on the torch to a new generation. In this sense, Luke, Leia and Han will be giving the torch to their kids who are, indeed, the New Hope for the Galaxy. However, it is likely that Carrie Fisher, the actress who plays the role of princess Leia, may quite literally be passing the torch to her daughter - Billie Lourd.

Billie Lourd may pick-up a role in Star Wars Episode 7?
Right now this is just a rumor that has been sparked by the Latino Review and there is really no official evidence to confirm or deny this claim. Many believe that is is likely that Carrie Fisher's daughter may show up in the movie for a short cameo appearance. This wouldn't be too surprising as Star Wars has the history of showing subtle cameos in previous films. But let us entertain the idea that Billie Lourd is indeed going to be a part of this movie and that she was at the Abu Dhabi set in May. What if she was indeed a part of Star Wars 7...what would her role even be?

It is even unknown if Billie Lourd even has any ambitions to become an actress herself. She turned 22 recently yet there is very little information about her and she doesn't have an IMDB profile page. The whole news just seems like hype-building for the upcoming movie. However, Latino Review seems pretty sure that they are right about this one.

And while it seems very unlikely considering that she hasn't shown much interest for acting so far, it can always be possible that she had a change of heart and now wants to pursue this career. After all, her mother played one of the most iconic roles in Sci-Fi history, while her father (Bryan Lourd) is the managing director and co-chairmen of Creative Arts Agency. Considering this lineage it is not unlikely that Billie has grown fond of art and film.

Either way, the truth remains to be seen and we will keep a close eye to see if her name pops up somewhere in the following months. Until then make sure to bookmark the blog and keep updated with other Star Wars 7 news, gossip and hot stories!

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