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Star Wars 7 Abu Dhabi Set Leaks and Info [Mos Eisley]

The filmming of the new Star Wars movie is soon to begin and the Abu Dhabi set is shaping up nicely. This will be the location where the crew will film the scenes related to the city port of Mos Eisley which is located on the famous planet of Tatooine. This is where a lot of stuff happened in the previous movies, but also a very important place for various stories from the expanded universe. It will be interesting to see just how Mos Eisley will look compared to the previous movies and just how much of the original source material will be preserved by JJ Abrams and his crew. We also have a few leaked photos from the set itself! So, let's get started with a fresh dose of Star Wars 7 news already, shall we?!

Mos Eisley Abu Dhabi Set
First photo of the Abu Dhabi set
As you can see on the photo above the Star Wars 7 crewmen are hard at work moving the movie props that will eventually be used to create all the interesting buildings of Mos Eisley. What's interesting here is just how much Disney tried to hide this from the world. This set is located near the down of Himeem and the only thing you'll find in the area are two cafes, a petrol station and a few small shops.
“I live around here, it’s totally my home area and I’m sure if anything as big as that was going on I’d know about it,” said an Emirati farmer.
Oh but on the contrary my dear anonymous friend, there is a lot going on! And we do have a few more leaked photos to show you, but first here's a quick reminded of how Mos Eisley looked in the original Star Wars movie. I am pretty sure that the new Episode VII will have no trouble making a visually better scene!

Mos Eisley Star Wars 7
Back in the day this was the extend of visual effects in Sci-fi movies
And, as promised, here's another photo of the Star Wars 7 set in Abu Dhabi that shows a wider angle of the building complex.

A better look at the building complex
Needless to say, Disney was not very pleased when someone in their crew leaked the information of this well hidden set in Abu Dhabi. Since then security has been tightened up significantly and journalists who went to the scene to investigate were unable to spot anything interesting. However, the damage may have already be done as we know quite a bit about the set already.

The person who leaked the photos also noted that the following structures are built on the set:
  • A large tower
  • A marketplace similar to the one seen in the past movies
  • Some new, more modern buildings that were not seen in the first movie
  • A lot of props such as jet-speed buggies
There were, however, no comments on how this set fits into the Star Wars 7 plot nor which actors will be making an appearance here. The filming in this location is supposed to begin on 13th of May, but rumors suggest it will be delayed due to sandstorms.

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