Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Wars 7 News, Rumors and Spoiler Will Be Kept To a Minimum?

 There will not be many Star Wars 7 news in the next couple of days, but we did get an interesting story for today's article. So what is it? Well, we will be talking about how rumors work and how spoilers are leaked. So, to start it off let me just state that movie studios love to build hype about their upcoming movies and most of the time they use  the Internet as a medium to do this and it doesn't really costs them a whole lot to pull it off. In fact, this whole blog is going to be building hype about the new movie, and Disney/ Lucasfilm isn't even paying me to do it! Oh the irony I suppose.

Star Wars 7 News, Rumors and Spoiler Will Be Kept To a Minimum?
Another Star Wars Episode 7 parody movie poster

 Anyway, movie studios love to leak some information anonymously and then claim that they will take legal action once they find out who did it. But this may not be the case when it comes to Star Wars 7. This is simply because this franchise has been around for a very long time. If they were to post a leak that wasn't very good then this could ruin the new movie before it even comes out - and if the leak is good, then it will slowly start to ruin the purpose of the whole movie as well as the experience that it will bring to the fans.

Star Wars 7 Admiral Thrawn
Admiral Thrawn
For example, if J.J. Abrams were to confirm that the new movie will have Admiral Thrawn in it, this would generally be some good Star Wars 7 news It would prove that the new producers is well-informed about the expanded universe and Star Wars in general and would give a lot of confidence to the fans about the new staff. However, this would also be a bit disappointing since most fans already know how Thrawn's story goes and a movie about it would not be all that exciting.

 So here is why spoilers about the new movie would not be such a nice thing for us as the fans. Remember how our creative side of the brain is the left one, while the right side is more rational and critical? Well, a spoiler, especially a big one, would get our left side quite hyped and we would really thing "this will be awesome". But one day in 2015 our right side of the brain will be watching Star Wars Episode VII, and it will not be so enjoyable. While it is great for Disney to get as many people into the theaters, it is also very dangerous to risk them getting disappointing and not wanting to watch the other movies.

 Now, the paragraph above isn't just my own train of thoughts, but it something similar to what producer Bryan Burk said for SlashFilm not long ago and I have to admit that I agree with him. However, this is just hypothetical information and we don't really know just how much information will be leaked about the new movie.

 One thing is certain however - you should make sure to follow us for more Star Wars 7 news, rumors and updates! Have a wonderful day and may the Force be with you!

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