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Disney do NOT ruin the Star Wars franchise! - plead the fans

Disney do NOT ruin the Star Wars franchise - plead the fans
If you are expecting this article to be yet another of my personal rants about how Disney will put a nail on the Star Wars confine once Star Wars 7 is released then I must disappoint you. While I often talk about such things there will be no such words from me today. Since there are really no Star Wars 7 news this week to report, I thought we might as well go back to the start of this whole  Disney takes over Lucasfilm thing. The idea behind this article? To see what the fans think about where the new films are going and what will be wrong with them according to famous bloggers and critics.

  Jef Cliber from PolicyMic recently wrote an article that began with a simple plead - Please, Disney do not ruin Star Wars. And after reading his article I too realized where my anger towards Disney is located and why I fear so much, as many others do, that Disney will destroy the soul of the series and its amazing lore.

Star Wars 7 animated
 Many years ago when we were all a lot younger, Star Wars was this amazing new thing in our lives. It really was a sci-fi epic that has never been seen before and all future ones never did reach the success it had. In a way, the soul of Star Wars is not the movie itself, but the many generation that grew up adoring it and admiring it. 

 Since the release of the Phantom Menace it became quite obvious that the older generations were no longer the targeted audience, no longer the ones who needed to be pleased, it seemed as though Star Wars was becoming more trendy and hip. Visual effects, graphical quality - this was becoming the focus. New generations didn't want to see Luke Skywalker developing as a character and the harsh battle that the Rebellion had to deal with. Instead they wanted to see the Jedi vs Sith lightsaber battles as well as epic space fleets. And I must admit, that was rather cool, but...

 And then... the Clone Wars came, an animated series which was very good, but still aimed at a different audience - not the older generation who watched it, but their kids. It does seem like one is passing the torch, doesn't it? The new animated series that Disney has announced, called Rebels seems to only confirm this theory. And I did say that I would much rather have my kids watch a crappy Disney cartoon about Star Wars than their other recent stuff, but still, I am not sure where they are going.

Star Wars 7 staff

 So, what remains to be said? Well, we will have to wait for some new Star Wars 7 news to actually say where the franchise is going, and it will be a long time before we hear some official news, but so far things are not looking so grim. Just think about it for a moment.

 We have G. Lucas as a creative consultant to control the damage that Disney might do. Then, we have J.J. Abrams as the director and so far he has done a good job with other movies. We also have John Williams back on the team to write the score for the new movie as he has done for all the past six. We also know that Michael Kaplan will be doing the costumes which is great news since he has done a wonderful job on the rebooted Star Trek series.

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