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State of the Galaxy in Star Wars 7 - Three Possible Scenarios

Everything we know about the new Star Wars movie seems to indicate that the events will take place 30 years after the story that we've seems and loved in "Return of the Jedi". This may not necessarily be true, but it is a very strong possibility that we would like to talk about it today's article. So, how do you imagine the Galaxy looks 30 years into the future from where we left off in the movies? There are three possible scenarios that we would love to talk about and how the story of Star Wars 7 could look like starting from there. So, buckle up and let's explore the Galaxy together my friend!

State of the Galaxy in Star Wars VII

Possibility #1: There is an Era of Peace and Justice

In the Expanded Universe the era of peace and justice didn't come as the Rebellion had hopped. Although they had defeated the Emperor, his Death Star and his champion Darth Vader, this was only but a fraction of what the Empire as a whole had to offer. High ranking officials weren't going to give up without a fight and the fight certainly lasted for a long time. However, Disney has stated that they won't truly respect the story of the Expanded Universe which means that the official story can go right out the window.
Star Wars 7 Peace and Justice
A New Dawn of Peace in the Galaxy?
So, how does a Galaxy that has entered an era of peace and justice look? Alright, let's assume that the new Republic has entered a time of peace and overall prosperity - trade and technology are booming and people are happy. In terms of life standards for its citizens - pretty good, but in terms of the story it seems that things might go a bit slow at first. If this is indeed the case then we are likely to see some minor, local conflicts erupt into something that could engulf the entire Galaxy. Also, in this scenario we are likely to see the new Jedi Order that was founded by Luke Skywalker.

Possibility #2: Stagnation and Rebuilding

In this scenario there is peace in the new Republic, however the economy has been shattered by the long war. In this version of the Galaxy, war and conflict have left a heavy mark on people's life. Along with the slow economy comes a period of technological stagnation. This scenario is very interesting because it would allow us to see how the new Republic can govern and rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed during the conflicts. This would also be a good chance to see the rebuilding of the new Jedi Order who could have a major role to play in healing the Galaxy.

Star Wars VII Rebuilding the Republic
A Time of Economic Turmoil?
Currently, most account agree that this is one of the most likely scenarios for Star Wars Episode VII, but no official news has confirmed or denied this.

Possibility #3: A Segregated Galaxy in Conflict

The third, and final possibility is that Star Wars 7 might start of with conflict right away. They might indeed decide to keep the original story from the Expanded Universe, or create a brand new one that borrows certain elements. We might still see some remains of the Empire, or we might even see some new alliances form.

Star Wars 7 Galaxy in Conflict
A Time of War and Conflict?
The tension between the core worlds and the outer rim has always been an interesting topic, but due to the wast superiority of planets such as Coruscant (the capital) this could never be a fair fight. However, in this scenario the odds might be more fair as the core worlds have suffered in terms of economy, infrastructure and military.

This third scenario could also fit in with our latest Star Wars 7 related leak that shows a certain parallel between the rumors of the new movie and the Star Wars: Legacy comic books from Dark Horse.

So, I suppose the question is - what are your thoughts? Which of these scenarios is the most likely and which has the most potential to be a great movie? Do you have one of your own? Let us know in the comments bellow or send us a tweet!

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